Sunday, 6 July 2014

How to Play Lion

Lion is a 1995 animal sim by Sanctuary Woods where you can play several different scenarios or a sandbox game as various different lions, either nomadic or as a pride. I loved it as a kid and recently discovered how I could play this 90's DOS game on a Windows 8 laptop.

  • First download lion from Abandonware.
  • Read the manual which is also on the site. 
  • Extract it to a folder e.g C:\Games\Lion
  • Install DOSBOX

Mount a C Drive in Dosbox:

  • It starts off with Z:\>
  • Z:\>mount c c:games\lion
  • Z:\>C:
  • C:\>dir
  • C:\>cd lion
  • C:\>Lion>
  • C:\>Lion>lion


  • Successful mating will lead to cubs 110 days later.
  • Injuries take about 4 days to heal. 
  • To Save, click on options - 

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